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SHOP Registration and Establishment


The Shop Registration and Shop Establishment Act is regulated by the Department of Labor and regulates premises wherein any trade, business or profession is carried out. The shop registration act not only regulates the working of commercial establishments, but also societies, charitable trusts, printing establishments, educational institutions run for gain and premises in which banking, insurance, stock or share brokerage is carried on. This act regulates areas such as working hours, rest interval for employees, opening and closing hours, closed days, national and religious holidays, overtime work, rules for employment of children, annual leave, maternity leave, sickness and casual leave, etc.

The Shop registration and Establishments Act regulates conditions of work, lists rights of employees in the unorganised sector and provides a list of obligations for every employer.

Aspects Regulated by Shop and Establishment

Shop and Establishment

1. Hours of work..
2. Interval for rest and meals..
3. Close days..
4. Prohibition of employment of children..
5. Employment of young person or women..
6. Opening and closing hours..
7. Weekly holidays..
8. Wages for holidays..
9. Time and conditions of payment of wages..

Shop and Establishment

1. Record keeping..
2. Deductions from wages..
3. Dismissal..
4. Lighting and ventilation..
5. Leave policy..
6. Precautions against fire..
7. Accidents..
8. Wages for holidays..
9. Wages for holidays cleanliness....

Shop Registration & Establishment at GetmyCA

  • You need to send in PAN cards, identity and address proofs of the proprietor/partners/directors. Details of your employees also need to be submitted.
  • We will file the application with the issuing authority, the local Municipal Corporation. You will not need to meet the authorities at any point. We will handle the process for you.
  • Within 5 to 7 working days, we will give you a basic acknowledgement. If the documents are not in order or the inspector asks for additional documents, the process will be completed as soon as you submit the additional documents. The hard copy is issued within 10 days in major cities, but would take 15 to 20 days elsewhere.

Key Validations for shop Registration


Shop Registration is must for all establishment and business individuals, including proprietors working and running a business from their homes. A registration such as this comes in handy when the proprietor wants to apply for a loan, or create a current bank account.

  • Name of the owner
  • Name of the shop.
  • Address of the shop.
  • Validity period of the registration certificate.
  • Date of Registration.
  • Registration Number
  • No of employees
  • Nature of business
  • Date of commencement of business

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